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Another Martha Stewart inspired creation:

Fourth of July jelly shots!
Blue Ocean Margaritas, with brown sugar decoration/dip.
Lychee jelly shots, with lychee bits, cubed and placed in disposable shot glasses.
Paloma jelly shots, with grapefruit garnish.
Fire Breathing Dragon, with jalapeno muddled in mango and cucumber garnish.
Rainbow jelly shots, with raspberry, berry blue and pineapple flavoring and a cherry in the middle. 

Definitely needs some work but for the very pleased :]

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Cávo Astoria : The destruction of my diet.
The descriptions of these dishes (from the website) were really insufficient.  Everything was just above and beyond.  

START of night drinks
Diva Martini
(Too excited, forgot to photograph :[)
Stoli Razberry vodka, watermelon liquor, topped off with champagne float 
Jim Bean Black Cherry Lemondade (Also no picture :[)
No description on the website, but delish!  

Tuna Tartare
Tuna, scallions, ginger, cucumber, macadamia, red pepper flakes, sweet soy glaze
Charcoalgrilled, lemon, Greek extra virgin olive oil

Short Ribs
(Too hungry, picture of an empty plate :[)
4 hour Braised Black Angus short ribs, creamy polenta, tomato jam, sugar snap peas
Prince Edward Island, fisherman’s Kakavia broth

Strawberry Napoleon
Light puff pastry dough, vanilla pastry cream, fresh strawberries
Chocolate Souffle’
Moist, warm chocolate cake with a heart of creamy rich chocolate, served with Tahitian Vanilla Gelato

END of night drinks (No picture again :[)
Pitcher of Cavo’s Red Sangria
Homemade with fresh fruit

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Amber, NYC.

No flash on the phone, but so delish!

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