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Strange Day

Today: I woke up early replace the ID that I lost in order to borrow a laptop from school, which I was planning on use during my first class to research on a paper.  On the train there, I realized the ID center opened after the class I intended to use it in and had to figure out a completely different game plan.  That meant I had to go to class and just hope the professor would end early so I can rush to the building, get the ID, borrow a laptop and go back for the subsequent lab, which was scheduled five minutes after the lecture ended.  If I was late, then so be it.  Maybe I could have just missed the one lab and make it up later, but that would probably end up being during finals, adding onto to the stress I really didn’t want to have to deal with.  I could have waited for the professor to arrive, do as much as I could and explain to him that I had to leave early, but seeing as how he always comes late, this option would more than likely have left me with barely fifteen minutes to do what I needed to do before I had to rush off to Flushing to go to an appointment with the optometrist.  I could have rescheduled the appointment but my eyes have been quite irritated and this would be my second time rescheduling within the last week.  If I didn’t go today, another week would go by before anything opened up in my schedule.  Another week of this abnormal behavior from my eyes was a real concern. There was this immense inward battle and I just felt pretty hopeless. 

I ended up deciding to skip my lab and to worry about it later, even if it meant a painful end of the semester.  Not a second later, the lecture professor goes on one of his usual tangents, making the announcement that our lab was cancelled due to the fact that the lab professor needed to hand in his thesis for his PhD.

Thank you, Lord.

I was able to do everything I needed to with a perfect amount of time.  In the half an hour before needing to leave Manhattan, I got the ID, borrowed the laptop, pulled up a load of tabs so that I could research on the train to Flushing, and get to my optometrist in the nick of time.

And even as I was worrying about having to rush from the optometrist’s to tutor four students back to back, I get a call from my first child, saying that he needed to cancel.  Phew.  I was able to do more research, print it out, and read more as I waited for students in between lessons.

Now comes my real battle. After all these blessings, will I let this feeling of gracious triumphs hinder my ability to finish this paper?  I have seven more pages to write by tomorrow, but I haven’t looked at it for two hours.  I know I will survive and pull through, but man.  Tired, eyes are dry and completely unmotivated = Debo. 

There goes my rant, and now I just have to accept the all-nighter that is waiting for me.

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