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This obsession it seems I have.

I have effectively put up the ENTIRE Shoshana Bean: An Evening of Acoustic Soul at Ars Nova.  This beautiful woman was touring in New York for the past month, and so I took the opportunity to go half-buck wild, watching two shows: One at XL Nightclub and the other at Ars Nova (Yay, finally had an Ars Nova experience!) This attributes to why more than half of my posts has some relation to her.  She is absolutely sensational and I wish I had a better recording device than the Flip camera that was shoved in my bag. These pieces were uploaded in the order in which she performed it.  Please enjoy this marvelous singer.

From the program:

Shoshana Bean: An Evening of Acoustic Soul

All music (save for one Bonnie Raitt cover) written, co written and performed by Shoshana Bean

Masa Shimizu

Luke Edgemon
Melanie Nyema

Richard Chamblin

Josh Millican

Stage Manager
Laura Kim


Shoshana Bean is best known for her roles in the Broadway smash hits Wicked and Hairspray and for her stellar performance alongside Brian MckNight on the Soul Train Lady of Soul Awards honoring Aretha Franklin. She has performed solo concerts around the world and headlined in the Las Vegas Burlesque revue Peepshow, opposite Holly Madison. Her debut solo Superhero, peaked at #5 on the iTunes R&B charts in its first week of sales, making it the only independent album in the top 100. Her work as a singer/songwriter has been featured on MTV’s The Hills, Mercy, The Big C and The Bad Girls Club. Her deput single “Superhero” was also used to promote NBC’s Monday night line-up and received an Independent Music award for best R&B song.

She sang back up for endless list of superstars for Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Celebration at Madison Square Garden and has lent her voice to the film soundtracks for Hairspray, Enchanted and Dance Flick, as well as FOX’s Glee and House. Shoshana claims Dear John Mayer as her latest triumph, a musical which she co-created, starred in and for which she wrote the music and lyrics.

You go, girl. You are truly the cat’s meow.

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